A1 Expert Cleaning

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Professional COVID-19 Cleaning Services for Residential and Essential Businesses

Sanitizing and Disinfecting Tips for Essential Businesses

Decades of science show that when we bring in more fresh air, we have fewer sick days, less disease transmission, and better cognitive function. This is  why A1 EXPERT CLEANERS OFFERS:

  • HVAC, electrical, drywall repairs, painting,flooring,  roofing repairs, landscaping, and handyman services.
  • Commercial and residential sanitation/cleaning & abatement services.
  • Expert in cleaning, proper sanitation to ensure compliances while ensuring our clients and their pets safety. 
  • More sophisticated cleaning protocols.
  • EPA-registered disinfectants

The use of chemicals and procedures used to slow the spread of the coronavirus also meet CDC guidelines for controlling influenza,which kills as many as 61,000 Americans a year, despite the availability of a vaccine.

  • A1 Expert Cleaners is an all around repair, remodel, upgrade, cleaning, disinfection, and sanitizing service.
  • We hold an Umbrella Insurance of $2 Million in coverage and bond commercial procurement
  • We have been providing universities, schools, carpet, home, office, or construction site cleaning with cleaning services including sanitizing and disinfecting services.
  • Services involving light commercial heating/cooling repairs, cleaned/ replaced filters and cells, scrubbed/vacuumed chillers, installed cast iron metal pipe with butterfly valves, transport various items (e.g., tools, equipment, supplies, etc.) to ensure the availability of materials required at the job site, coordinate with supervisor and other trades to complete projects/work orders efficiently.
  • Adept at developing and maintaining positive client relationships at all organizational levels.